I bought a new program called TurboScan for $1.99.  This app lets you create multi-page scans on  your iPhone. 

  • You take the picture
  • Adjust the frame
  • Select if you want to lighten/darken
  • Rotate the picture if needed
  • Click on Photo to toggle between black/white or color, Next
  • Click on the + icon to add more scan pages
  • Click on the pen icon to name the document
  • Press the export button (see picture).
  • You can email it to yourself (setup your preferred email in the settings), select PDF or JPEG, etc.
  • If you select “Open PDF in…” you can choose the programs iBooks, Kindle, Dropbox, or Evernote.

The default mode for scanning is great, but it has an option to do SureScan 3x at higher resolution.  I was surprised at how good the resolution is.  This is a great little program.  As you scan items, it keeps the list in TurboScan until you delete them.