I confess to never being a huge sports fan. The only sport I ever liked watching was surfing. American football is too violent and I don’t enjoy watching it.  The concussion problem isn’t going away and is just going to further drive that sport into the ground, no matter how much money is wrapped around it.  

I became interested in English football (soccer) after watching Shameless (UK) and the undercurrent of Manchester City vs. Manchester United fans.  Frank pulling a red jersey out of the dryer “who’s the JUDAS in my house??”  I started supporting Manchester City, and they happened to win the title for the first time in 44 years in 2012. David Silva quickly became my favorite player and remains so. They don’t call him the Little Magician (or The Wizard) for nothing.  

I watched the series on FoxSoccer called “Being Liverpool” which was a behind the scenes reality show of the Liverpool Football Club.  It was interesting to see the process of team transfers, training, how they travel, their families, and a new manager trying to shape the team.  This was filmed at the time when Suarez signed, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard were still playing.   

I read the book by Nick Hornby “Fever Pitch”. It details why people feel such a strong allegiance to the football club they grew up supporting.   Why I prefer it:  each player has incredible skill, unbelievable endurance, most of the time their strategy does not include hard knocks and hurting players, the whole sport seems like it’s a higher level of professionalism, and the announcers with their British sarcasm are priceless.  Young players can go right into the professional league and not be dragged through the NCAA system where the coaches make millions and the players make nothing.

The matches last two hours with a 15 minute halftime. No ad breaks either. You support your team based on points, and keep an eye on the other teams to make sure they drop in points.