I’ve been a fan of the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco since I watched his special on Comedy Central years ago.  Every time I shop at a Ross, I think of him and the jeans with the zipper on the ankle. We watched his special on Showtime (now on Netflix), and both my husband and I loved it. 

I started following him on Instagram and Twitter (wonder when he’ll get on Vine!), where he announced a new weekly podcast with fellow comedian Pete Correale–The Pete & Sebastian Show. I’ve been listening to podcasts for years, and this one takes the prize.  These two comedians are so entertaining, primarily because they are completely opposite from each other.  

I hadn’t heard of Pete Correale before this podcast, and I’ve since realized his sarcasm and quick wit are hilarious. They are up to 29 episodes and counting.  We’ve been there as they debated how the podcast would work, discussed having guests, heard all about Sebastian’s Christmas decorations and party, Pete’s move back to New York (after dental surgery) with his pregnant wife, adjusting to his new life with no reliable internet, and heard all about Sebastian’s wedding plans.  They also share stories from their constant touring, rate their hotels, discuss tipping, gym etiquette, etc.  Nothing is off limits. 

To me, there’s nothing quite as funny as hearing another comedian laugh, and these two constantly make each other laugh. They make you feel like you’re just another friend joining in on their conversation.  Jimmy from Boston calls in to leave voicemails with his thoughts on the show. If I say “Petey” now, I have to say it like Jimmy “Peetieeeee”, and Sebastian is Sugar Biscuit.

I would love to see both of them live if they ever come to Virginia Beach/Norfolk. I’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, Mike Birbiglia, David Sedaris, and Jon Stewart. (Okay, I did see Carrot-Top too before he got all strange & steroidy.)

Subscribe for free through iTunes (they do have a version for Android too) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-pete-and-sebastian-show/id570256898