IMG_7683.JPGIf you knew it was the last time…would you have done anything differently? In late June, on a visit with my dad & M, we went to Edgefield, SC, to visit a turkey museum (National Wild Turkey Federation).  My husband was suddenly full of turkey knowledge that was news to me.  For instance, turkeys are the hardest bird to hunt because they have the best vision–you have to wear eye coverings?  My husband doesn’t hunt, so I can only assume this knowledge came from some reality show.  

The turkey museum happened to be closed until mid-August.  We walked around town instead and visited a farmer’s market in the town square where dad bought a birdhouse and stopped in a few antique stores.  I found two small “Roman” tumbler glasses that matched two taller glasses I had received from my grandmother.  Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at the Edgefield Grill.  I just saw this glass in the cabinet, and it immediately made me think of Edgefield and that last shopping trip with my dad.  We had a great day together, but I wish there were more to look forward to.  Maybe as we spend time with people we should always treat it like “this could be the last time.”  We just never know.