There are a lot of things to think about when you get ready to go on vacation with your spouse, especially when you don’t have children and you haven’t updated your will since 2003.  Software has changed a lot since 2003, and I bought the updated version of Quicken Willmaker Plus 2014 Edition by NOLO.

There are so many things to consider when planning what to do with your assets, your debts, your animals, your online accounts, your passwords to your social media accounts, etc.  It’s a very different world we live in these days – so much of it online.

I had to take into consideration if something happened to both of us – what happened to our life insurance and 401K accounts? We don’t have enough assets to justify hiring a lawyer, setting up a trust, or anything like that.  This software was well worth the $30 investment and it walked us through setting up the most critical documents:  will, key information for your caregiver/survivor, requests for your final arrangements, and advanced medical directive.

My husband and I are very practical – we both support organ donation.  We have animals and want to allocate money to their care if family members are able to adopt them.  These are all important questions for you and your family to answer….at some point.

Link to: Quicken Willmaker Plus