Women need more options for wearing our technology in a work environment as well around the house.  I don’t particularly want to wear a fanny pack to work if I’m wearing a skirt, but it would be nice to have a low profile type of belt w/bag to the side to carry my iPhone 6.  Why do you need your phone all the time? Today’s smartphones are tracking and logging more and more data related to our activities.  I’m using the free app Human to track how many minutes I move each day and the level of activity. This information feeds into Apple’s new Health app. (The Apple iWatch may expand many of these options for those willing to buy both items.)

As our parents age and stay in their homes longer, many times alone, we begin to look at the “I’ve Fallen & I Can’t Get Up” type of device.  The last one we had for my mother-in-law was a Verizon product that alerted a help center if she pressed the button, which had all of her medical alerts pre-registered. The device was rather large to wear as a necklace, but she made it work. These days, our parents are more likely to use a cell phone as their safety alert system since most already have one.  My mother bought her first iPhone this past summer.  She carries the phone around the house in her hand, but she really needs to have both hands free for better balance and to avoid falls.  A low-profile waist pack would work well for her–she would be more likely to have it on her while in the house.  If they fall upstairs, it won’t do much good if the cell phone is downstairs on the kitchen table.

Apple’s new Health app has a Medical ID option (see screenshot). Even if your phone is locked with a passcode, you can access this information through the Emergency function.  Key information would be your picture, any medical conditions, medications, emergency contacts, your weight/height, and blood type. 

As far as wearable options, I’ve looked at a number of different options, and am trying the Hipster Square Hipzbag (featured image) from http://www.hipzbag.com/ .  I am also looking at some options on Etsy.  Have you found the perfect option? If I find a good option, I’ll buy one for my mother as one of her Christmas presents.