Finally….it’s here.  The Apple Watch.  I never bought a FitBit, a Nike Fuel-band, a Garmin watch, or any other fitness tracker device. I’ve been waiting for Apple Watch and to see the next level Apple will take this niche with biometrics and the future of health care.  The heart rate is the first biometric offered on the Watch, and I would not be surprised if there are more abilities not yet unleashed.

I have found myself using the weather function, the timer, the next scheduled event, and the activity rings.  While I use the Outdoor Run option for workouts, I also separately use Runkeeper on the iPhone because all of my workouts are logged there. With the Outdoor Run option on the Watch, I like how I receive taptic feedback after each mile. Text messages on the Apple Watch are extremely useful – I like how they’re only viewable when I turn the watch towards me, and there are many ways to reply. Much has been made about the battery life. I use it all day and it typically has 20% remaining when I go to bed (including the nights that I do a 4 mile run).  As far as durability, I included a link below on water, but I won’t be doing this myself anytime soon.

The Watch will never be a replacement for the iPhone, but more of an appendage.  It would be great if it would sync with Apple’s native Notes & Reminders apps, display colored activity rings on the face of the watch, offer faster ways to move around glances, and more options for the swipe movement.  This is Apple’s first iteration of the Watch software, and it’s robust.  It’s interesting to see what companies were prepared and already have their apps tailored for the Watch….will your customer’s be using this?