Since I’ve been wearing my Apple Watch, I’ve used my calendar almost as a time blocker for errands or chores.  I note “Target” at 5:30 because I need to stop on my way home. It becomes my reminder function, but has a scheduled block of time. For this reason, I hardly use the Reminders app on the iPhone.

My goals look a little something like: save more, read more books, get healthier, and develop new positive habits.  Why not look at a new slate of apps that are designed to do just that?  Here are several I’m currently utilizing:

Qapital – Setup a goal and start saving for it.  This app is linked to Lincoln Savings and hooked to your checking account.  I set the guidelines of how I want to save: rounding up on each transaction on each credit card or bill that passes through my account.  I also set $20 to save each Tuesday. You can easily see the transactions and get a summary of all activity towards your goal. You can setup several goals and target which savings rule goes to which goal.  I even transferred money back from Qapital to my checking account when I needed to.  It’s quietly saving in the background in a way you don’t have to constantly think about it. It’s just happening.

Strides – I was looking for an app where I could set small goals to change my habits.  In this world of so many distractions, anything that helps you focus on the things you really want/need to be doing is great.  Initial goals:
-Walk 5 flights of stairs 5 times a week (I receive a prompt at 10:30 AM)
-Read my book one hour at night (I receive a prompt at 8:00 PM)
-Walk our dog Piper at least 5 times a week (I receive a prompt at 6:00 PM)

This ties into the Apple Watch interface so I actually get the reminders on the Watch and can say: Yes, No, Snooze.

7 MWC: This is a 7 minute workout challenge.  I did my first one this morning. $2.99 cost.  I also added a goal to Strides – Complete 7 min challenge 7 times a week. In the winter, I’m very bad at getting outside when it’s cold and dark. I hate going along to a DVD or a book.  An app on my iPhone is perfect–it’s small, you can see the video of how to do the exercise, and a timer. You can buy bonus workouts, which are very reasonably priced. We’ll see how it goes!

It takes time to develop new habits, but I’m hoping these apps will give mine a kickstart in the right direction. Piper is pretty happy about the dog walking goal.  Stay tuned!