As any subscriber to The New Yorker knows, their weekly, in-depth reporting can be hard to keep up with. I have The New Yorker app installed on my iPhone and iPad. Under several articles, I’ve seen the Play icon along with “to hear more, download Audm for iPhone” (see left). I tested this functionality a few times and decided to checkout the Audm app. As you can see below, it currently ranks #26 in Magazines & Newspapers and a relatively high rating average of 4.9.

The Audm app has a variety of subscription price models. I decided to test out the monthly standard rate $8.99 which I can cancel anytime. This gives you access to their full catalog of long form feature articles (current roster of publications is listed at the end of this post). You can tag your preferred publications so it will show only their featured articles. You can select from those articles to play now or download for later. These downloads populate a queue for you to work through at your own pace. Not all content of The New Yorker is included, so I renewed my annual subscription for digital only (special right now for $49.99).

For many years I have listened to podcasts in the morning or while getting things done around the house. (Commuting is for Audible books.) With a few exceptions, the renaissance of podcasts is over for me. (One exception is a free podcast “Dante’s History, Inferno” which spends about 30 minutes doing a deep dive into each of the Canto’s from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy: Inferno.”) For now, I’ll be giving Audm a test-drive.


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