A Sortorian Trying to Figure It Out

“You cannot not know what you know nowt” Thick of It


I first wrote this back in 2009. Ten years later with arthritis in my left hip – I’m no longer able to do a high impact sport. 

For archival purposes: Sigh.
I use a program on my iPhone called Runkeeper.  It is now free, and tracks you by GPS and give you the stats for each run.  You can also join a Street-team if you want to.  You can take pictures during your run, and they’re embedded with your stats.  On your iPhone, you can select which playlist you would like to listen to during the run.  Or, you can start your playlist (or book, podcast) before starting Runkeeper and select “no playlist”.

I saw an episode of Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel (HBO) May 18, 2010, and they had a segment on barefoot running.  I can’t find this video, but there was a free podcast through iTunes.  It’s an hour-long show, but the first 15 minutes is the running segment.
A Twitter friend recommended the Vibram Bikila model ($99) for street running, and they’re great.  I still prefer the Bikila to the Bikila LS; they just fit me better.  I purchased them through City Sports online (they are a major distributor).  You have to be careful of fakes and only buy from an authorized retailer.
I had to slowly integrate these into my run because it kills your calves when you change your running style to strike on your forefoot/ball of foot.
The Vibram Sprint model is good for when I use the elliptical or beach running in the summer.  In December 2011, I switched to the Merrell Pace Gloves, and they alleviated the toe pain I was having.  The Pace Gloves still have the Vibram sole but don’t have the individual toe slots.  My Twitter friend also recommended the book Born to Run, and it is an excellent read.

Update: January 2014 – I’ve switched to indoor treadmill running & a lateral elliptical but still use my Merrell Pace Gloves.

Update: March 2015 – I’ve switched back to outdoor running with my Merrell Pace Gloves. They still work as great as ever. I feel like I get a better workout on pavement.

Update: May 2015 – With another groin pull, I started working out inside on an elliptical or walking on a treadmill.  I tried Planet Fitness first but then changed to our Recreation Center. It’s been a great change.
Below are some links that helped me learn and make some of these decisions:

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