HBO vs. Netflix has been in the news lately–a squabble involving the long-term value of shared passwords.  For an avid TV fan like myself, I will need both.  I like to reward companies that move forward technologically, and both these companies have done that.  HBO2GO is the first paid premium cable channel that makes a huge amount of content available via Apple TV (most of their series back to episode 1!) as well as on iPads and other devices.  You can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

HBO creates some of my favorite shows – Boardwalk Empire, Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the new True Detective. They took bold chances with now retired shows like Deadwood, The Wire, The Corner, The Soprano’s, Oz, and Six Feet Under.

Netflix has a lot of great content, including shows they are creating like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Lilyhammer.  They make excellent shows like Shameless UK available to US audiences.  I’m also pleased they are continuing great shows like Arrested Development and a third season of The Killing.

HBO continues to impress me with their heart-wrenching documentaries such as:  Sergio, Mea Maxima Culpa,  the Witness series on war photographers, Tales from the Organ Trade, State of Play: Trophy Kids, and recently Which Way is the Front Line From here about Tim Hetherington.  I wish they had an HBO Documentary channel that just played their documentaries back-to-back.

As long as I can afford both, I’ll subscribe to both.  Keep the great content flowing and continue to blaze technological trails.  And, one of you please bring back Bored To Death!